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After a few years hiatus, this month I returned to the highly creative, inspirational (and slightly exhausting) vortex that is the Choral Music Experience (CME) Institute for Choral Music Education that was founded and is directed by Dr. Doreen Rao. This year’s Institute was in Ireland on the beautiful grounds of the University of Maynooth, just outside of Dublin. Working with Doreen and Lee Kesselman, as well as Mandy Miller from Scotland and Mary Amond O’Brien of Ireland,   was a fantastic experience, as usual. Great to see old friends and meet lots of new ones. Many of the conductors were from Ireland, some from London, Scotland, USA, China and elsewhere. In residence were three Children’s choirs, who the conductors and myself worked with. My job was to help facilitate connection to the body,  through pulse, drumming, movement and singing in traditional styles from Ghana. We had a great time, even doing a session outside one day which can be challenging in Ireland! They learned several parts, choreography and songs for Kpanlogo and our final concert had over 100 people participating from a wide range of ages and experience! What a celebration. So much fun! Connecting to those with similar philosophies and exploring connections makes me very happy. Even better when it is in such an inspiring place such as Ireland. More more!

University MaynoothKpanlogo at Maynooth K& Squad teaching outside 2drumming crew KGankoguiCME crew dinnerK& MM

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