Korean & Ghanaian Percussion Mash-up


Last night, the ensemble I direct at Carleton University (WARE) performed with the amazing Korean percussionist, vocalist,  and all-round nice & funny guy, Dong-Won Kim. This fall he has been the artist-in-residence in Carleton’s Music Department thanks to the substantial efforts of faculty member Jesse Stewart. All the students have benefited from his expansive yet down to earth approach to making music. For this performance featuring the Fusion Ensemble directed by Wayne Eagles, and the West African Rhythm Ensemble, we found ways to integrate the styles of music with this master player and improvisor. We performed two pieces with him, first a cool improv on the 12 beat patterns found in Atsiagbekor. Using additive and subtractive conducting we found some really great grooves to hang out with together. Then we invited him to improvise on two movements of  the Dagbamba piece Takai, which we specially learned for this performance. Thanks to guest drummers Rory Magill, Jona Thomas and Kira Montfort who played luna and gungon with me in support of the spinning dancers.  Here is that piece. Thanks to Vanessa Corriveau for the video which I will upload as soon as I can make it smaller!

WARE 2016


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