Nexus Panorama

Nexus was in town for ChamberFest this week. They presented two suites of music at the beautiful Dominion Chalmers Church. The arrangements were by Russell Hartenberger, the first a beautiful set of Iranian songs that featured soloist Sepideh Raissadat who sang and played setar. Then a very fun suite of songs by the legendary New York composer poet and inventor, Moondog. One of the movements required an “untrained voice” to sing some of the poetic lines. I got the call 😉 Beautiful and simple lines, beginning with “I’m this. I’m that.” It was sure fun to have a singing gig with Nexus. They have recorded that combination of music and you can find out more about that here. Dinner out later, with Nexus all on one side of the table, provided an opportunity for me to try out the panorama feature on my phone. I’m indebted to these musicians for their teachings and amazing musical journeys that they generously share with so many. I first heard them in highschool and then later was fortunate enough to study and work with them at University of Toronto and elsewhere. Always great to reconnect with them and their families.

Nexus night


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