Patterns and Repetition


This past week I had a blast working in Toronto with Nexus, Suba Sankaran and Christine Duncan as part of the Jackman Humanities Symposium entitled: Reich, Rhythm and Repetition: Patterns in Music, Speech and Science. The whole program can be found here. Russell and I worked together on a presentation about Reich’s Drumming music and the connection to West African drumming rhythms. Nexus performed the bongo section of Drumming which is always spellbinding, and I spoke about Atsiagbekor, and the 12 beat gankogui cycle, demonstrating a bit of it with Nexus and Ray Dillard with, and for the audience. I really enjoyed the funny and enlightening presentations on sound and science by Garry Kvistad and Stephen Morris. A  highlight was getting to sing in between Suba and Christine on Russell’s new piece “The Birth of Time”. I am so fortunate to have studied with members of Nexus at UofT in my undergrad, way back, and I am so grateful for continuing friendships and creative projects such as this one! Thanks to Peggy Feltmate and Rory for photos!


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