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POA 2014

Was very honoured to present at the Power of the Arts National Forum here in Ottawa this past weekend. An amazing conference, bringing together the best of Canada’s grassroots arts initiatives and related organizations and thinkers. The conference is in its second year and is co presented by the Michaelle Jean Foundation and Carleton University. The theme for this year was “Acting Now for Social Change”. I spoke about the embodied rhythm courses I designed at Carleton, as well as the ensembles I direct, both at Carleton and at Baobab Community. I highlighted the benefits to mental and physical health that come from participating in a group musical activity, especially one that is grounded in rhythm and dance. It was my first formal talk in a long time and felt great! Especially when I could follow it up with  a performance that demonstrated what I was talking about…both the Carleton West African Rhythm Ensemble and  Baobab Youth performers came together for a massed Gahu. We had a lot of fun, rocked the room, got a standing ovation, and a mention the next day by Carleton’s FASS Dean Osborne. Way to go gang! I love getting the two groups together. So much great mentoring, charged energy, and GROOVE!

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