“Reading Week”

This is supposed to be Reading Week in my studies. First of all,  I have about 7 deadlines in a 10 day stretch. So, reading yes, but mostly writing and marking. Not all related to my new MA courses, some was Baobab business, including grant writing for our 20th Anniversary season next year.. However, I took the opportunity for a break from studies and spent two magical mornings at the Crystal Bay Centre for Special Education. This remarkable place serves students ages 4-21 with moderate to profound developmental disabilities. This is my second year giving drumming workshops. It is intense, challenging, humbling and so rewarding. My daughter asked me later how it went….I said that I made kids cry that were not crying, and I got kids who were crying to stop. And everything in between. One young man put his cheek to the skin of the drum and just felt the sympathetic vibration for the duration of the class. Its noisy, musical, funny and an amazing way to build community. You never know who is going to get up and dance, or who will memorize the lead drum pattern after one hearing and play it back for the class. The staff are equally inspiring. It is a place filled with special people. I hope to be back next year.

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